The Opportunity

For every five successful people you’ll insert into a lineup, you’ll find five people with similar sentiments: If you don’t give yourself an opportunity to score than how will you score? The answer of course is you don’t. As simple and repetitive as it may sound, the truth needs to be spoken sometimes to really resonate. So many actors and artists as a whole don’t take enough shots to score the necessary points they need for self-fulfillment — or victory — and thus, wind up feeling empty or feeling like they’ve loss. I’ve spoken countless times with friends in similar pursuit of their craft and we’ve come to the conclusion that it isn’t a matter of if our aspirations come to fruition, but rather when. Every great shooter keeps shooting until he/she gets one to fall; and every great actor will keep at it until he/she gets that one gig that propels them to greatness — or at least to hold them over until their next gig.

Another shot will present itself for every ethnic actor out there in the coming weeks as ABC will be hosting its annual diversity showcase where a myriad of actors will be able to display their talents in scenes selected by ABC for its casting department to analyze. It has been said that this very same showcase helped to springboard the career of oscar award winner Lupita Nyong’o and she has admitted to such in the past. The opportunity to align yourself with one of the more notable brands out there in any facet, is one any actor eligible for this competition should jump on. People never believe it can be them until it’s actually them; you have to enter the fray in order to come out the winner. This particular competition will be held via self-tape submission — unlike its counterpart ABFF/NBC which decided to go with the live in-person audition earlier this year. The advantage to this is a quality taping could essentially allow oneself to separate from the some of the competition from the visual aspect alone as many opt to tape on less than stellar devices as opposed to making sure every key component in the making of quality video is at least adequate like lighting and sound. Nevertheless, the person who ends up the winner would have undoubtedly had an indelible effect on the casting office with his/her performance and ultimately would have taken advantage of this opportunity by just taking a shot.


Jeffery Desalu

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